What are nature-based solutions?

Celine Legaspi

Vice President, Manager Research
(Thursday, Apr, 20, 2023)
|   3 mins

Did you know…

  • If we were to price ecosystem services (such as forests and oceans), they’d be valued at between $120 and $145 trillion per year.
  • Nature is estimated to be able to provide over 1/3rd of the carbon mitigation needed to remain within the bounds of the Paris Agreement by 2030.
  • At present, only 3% of global climate finance goes into nature-based solutions.
  • There’s an annual global biodiversity funding gap between $598 and $834 billion.

In this Off the Cuff video, Celine Legaspi, a member of Redington’s Manager Research team, introduces nature-based solutions: a way to plug the funding gap, contribute to real-world change and generate stable, diversified returns.


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