Struggling with time, workload and making effective decisions? We’ve got a solution.

If you stop and think about it, investment decisions are getting much harder: more choices, more moving parts, more risk.

So how do we evolve our decision-making to cope when there’s always too much to do and too little time?

Well, that’s where Tiny Decision Hacks comes in. We created Tiny Decision Hacks to help you make simple changes that will lead to easier, more effective decision-making.

  • Changes that don’t require a six-figure project;
  • Changes you can make right now, no matter how busy you are; and
  • Changes that work in the real world.

Check out our Tiny Decision Hack playlist below along with real-life case studies to help you get started.

Tiny Decision Hack Playlist

Agenda Triage: An easy way to bring focus to meetings

Are you fed not getting through the agenda properly? With too much to do and too little time, meeting structures never quite get the attention they deserve.

Download our case study and see how one simple tweak helped Allan in his role as a professional trustee 

Choose Vanilla: How to avoid ‘analysis paralysis

When we’re struggling to make a decision, it can be easy to seek out more analysis. Sometimes, this can prove useful. Other times, it costs us time, money and leaves us with more questions.

So how do you decide if this extra analysis will help you make better decisions?

Don’t Forget Your Passport: how to dodge avoidable mistakes

Ever forgotten your passport or missed an important birthday? We’ve all been there!

Avoidable mistakes can be frustrating, but there are valuable lessons we can learn from those who need to get things right every time, like pilots and surgeons.

Tiny Decision Hack 4

Got a complex problem? We have a hack for that

Working on a complex project and don’t know where to begin? It happens to the best of us!

When faced with multiple options and no clear path ahead, it can be difficult to know where to start. These three simple steps can help set you down the right path.

Redington TDh want e

Want better insights?

Ever asked a question of your team or board and weren’t convinced you got a frank response?

Getting people to open up can be challenging, especially when you’re discussing something sensitive.  That’s why it’s essential to create an open and safe environment.

Simple solutions like this are at the heart of Tiny Decision Hacks. Sign up below to receive a monthly Tiny Decision Hack direct to your inbox.

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