The Voice of the Financial Industry


(Friday, Feb, 25, 2022)
|   2 mins

All Street Research recently invited Paul Lee Head of Stewardship & Sustainable Investment Strategy to contribute to its groundbreaking Voice of the Financial Industry report. Paul sat down with Emanuela Vartolomei, the CEO and Founder of the sustainability fintech company All Street, to discuss how we as an organisation can take steps to mitigate the impacts of climate change and promote a more sustainable financial system.

This report brought together 30 brilliant men and women from across the financial services sector to discuss their leading roles in climate change efforts. Covering various topics from stranded assets, emerging markets, mitigation, adaptation and the roadmap to 2050, The Voice of the Financial Industry offers 10 key recommendations for the financial industry to adopt in the fight against climate change.

Read Paul’s Voice of the Financial Industry interview here:


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