The Future of Retirement Income

Jonathan Parker - Redington

Jonathan Parker

Managing Director, DC
(Tuesday, Feb, 21, 2023)
|    mins

With people living longer and increasingly retiring with DC-only pensions, there’s a significant risk of financial shortfall and poorly informed decisions. We need to act now to avoid this outcome.

So today, we’re launching The Future of Retirement Income, a collaborative publication aimed at kick-starting a vital discussion on the future of retirement income. We’ve brought together leading experts from across the pensions industry to lift the lid on this issue and share ideas and solutions.

  • Tom McPhail (the Lang Cat) – how advice and guidance services need to change
  • Sarah Hawke (Quietroom) – improving retirement communications
  • Philip May (Capital Group) – tackling the investment challenge
  • Emma Martin (Sackers) – the regulatory and legal retirement landscape
  • Vaughan Jenkins (Moneyhub) – unleashing retirement technology
  • Mark Ormston (Retirement Line) – the product innovation we need in retirement

We invite everyone to use the hashtag #FORI and #FutureofRetirementIncome to join the conversation. Let’s work together towards a brighter future for retirement income.

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