The Defined Contrarian Q1 2024

Jonathan Parker - Redington

Jonathan Parker

Managing Director, DC
(Thursday, Apr, 04, 2024)
|   8 mins

We’re delighted to bring you the latest edition of The Defined Contrarian, which is packed full of new perspectives and insights on the topics of importance to those running DC pension schemes.

In this issue, we explore:

    • Artificial intelligence: How close are we to computers taking over from investment consultants?
    • Decumulation: Philip May (on behalf of Capital Group) provides a personal view on his experience of starting to drawdown from his own DC pot.
    • Illiquid investments: What TPR’s latest guidance means for trustees and the five key considerations to keep in mind.
    • Fiduciary duty: How does the Financial Markets Law Committee’s (FMLC) recent guidance change the picture for trustees?

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