Redington case study: Sustainable finance in action


(Monday, Jan, 31, 2022)
|   5 mins

“Climate change is the challenge of our lifetime. We have an enormous amount of work to do to cut carbon emissions to net zero by 2050 … Redington’s mission is to make 100 million people financially secure – for the benefit of people and planet. So, whilst it’s really important that we try our best to mitigate our carbon footprint, we totally recognise that this is a drop in the ocean and that our real influence is our assets under advisement and thinking about how that can be helping to transition the world to a low-carbon pathway.” Anastasia Guha, Redington’s Global Head of Sustainable Investment

“True integration requires behaviours set both top-down and also driven bottom-up. So whilst we’ve got a seven-strong Sustainable Investment team here at Redington, it’s fully integrated throughout the business, it doesn’t act as a silo and its success is predicated on integration across reporting, consulting and research.” Zoe Taylor, Redington’s Interim CEO

We’re excited to share a short film we’ve produced in partnership with The London Institute of Banking & Finance (‘LIBF’) to highlight the power of asset owners and advisers in facilitating positive change through sustainable investment.

The film features a case study from one of our defined benefit pension scheme clients, Atos. Over the past couple of years, we’ve worked with Tegs Harding, Atos Trustee, to align their investment strategy with their net-zero objective via an implementable action plan.

If you’d like to learn more about sustainable investment at Redington, please get in touch:


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