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Targeting better member outcomes in a package that suits you

Our problem-solving approach to advising defined contribution pension schemes sets clear, appropriate objectives for members and sponsors. Once in place, we look at structure, costs and risks to ensure these objectives can be met, applying our rigorous, research-led investment approach to make it all happen.

Lifting the lid on the future of retirement income

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Our team

Redington’s DC consulting team benefits from a wide variety of personal and professional backgrounds and experience. We believe this diversity and knowledge is a key factor in delivering better outcomes for our clients.

Having worked in-house, at pension providers, fund managers and consultancies across the UK and internationally, we can engage with clients from multiple perspectives, enabling you to benefit from a team with rich experience and different insights into trustee, employer and provider needs.

Who we advise and how we work with our clients

As a trustee, employer or provider, you’ll each have different duties, needs and objectives. So you’ll want to be confident you’re getting the right advice, guidance and support from your consultant. We understand the different types of advice our clients need, constraints they might be under, and how we can deliver solutions for them. As an independent, advisory-only pensions and investment consultancy, focusing on our clients is our number one priority. But don’t just listen to us: our heritage as a trusted adviser is one we’re especially proud of, with client satisfaction evidenced by our world-class Net Promoter Score.

Who we can help


We work with and advise sponsoring employers on all aspects of their DC plans, including strategy, investment design, communications and governance.

Our in-house, provider and consultancy experience enables us to understand the different needs and challenges faced by employers who sponsor DC plans, no matter whether it’s their own trust, a GPP, master trust or SIPP.

We support our clients with default strategy design and review, ongoing investment monitoring, reconstructions and asset transitions, advice to employers’ governance committees, provider reviews and selection, and communication projects.

Interested? Get in touch to understand how we could help you:

  • Identify, define and agree clear objectives for your DC scheme
  • understand how pensions fit into your reward strategy
  • Decide and monitor what constitutes success for your business and staff


Redington’s heritage is built on advising trustees of large, own-trust DC schemes, and this continues to be a cornerstone of our business.

We can help with all aspects of advice to DC pension scheme trustees, including:

  • Value for money and other governance assessments
  • Investment reviews
  • AVC reviews
  • Wind-ups
  • Communication strategy

Our team has the experience and insight to meet all trustee needs.

Master Trusts

We’ve been advising trustees of master trusts since we established our DC consulting business, and we continue to advise a wide range of them today. As the appointed adviser to nine industry-specific, provider-backed and auto-enrolment arrangements, Redington has a unique insight into the different needs and challenges all master trusts now face. And as Redington doesn’t have its own master trust, or offer any DC funds or products, our advice is truly independent and unconflicted.

Pension providers

Our understanding of pensions across both the trust-based and contract-based markets has meant we’ve been appointed by many of the largest pension providers in the UK to conduct market intelligence and benchmarking projects.


Through our industry networks, we’ve conducted syndicated research projects that compare service, investments and charges across different providers on a like-for-like basis. This has made it possible for pension providers to conduct robust value-for-money assessments and help them develop their propositions.

Our expertise isn’t confined to just workplace pensions, we’ve helped non-workplace pension providers too on issues such as retirement proposition development and asset transition.

What we do

Independent, impartial master trust advisory

Our highly-tailored advice covers the full range of UK master trust models. We enable transfers to run smoothly, helping ensure fair outcomes for members and employers – keeping a firm control of costs.

Lightening the legislative load

Helping clients stay on top of pensions regulation is one of the most value-added services we offer. It’s core to what we do at Redington, and many of us have been doing this throughout our long DC careers.

We always take a practical and pragmatic approach to current and new legislation – what does it mean for your DC scheme, what do you need to do, how can you apply it and what risks or opportunities might it bring?

Keeping your investment strategy relevant

Our approach is to start with the end in mind. So, when advising clients on their DC investment strategy, our starting point is to look at member outcomes and define a clear set of objectives. But keeping those strategies under regular review – particularly in uncertain times – helps our clients ensure that their members are well-positioned for the future.

Meeting and knowing the asset managers

Our face-to-face meetings with asset managers may now be virtual, but no less probing. They are a vital part of our rigorous process for investment manager evaluation, which goes much further than looking at historical performance.

Taking sustainable investing seriously

Sustainability runs through everything we do – our mission is to help make 100 million people financially secure, for the benefit of people and planet. And we’re proud to be the first B Corp-certified UK investment consultant.

We help clients pragmatically integrate ESG, effective stewardship and other aspects of sustainable investing into their DC investments and, using our proprietary technology, to meet their enhanced reporting requirements.

Selecting the right long-term partners

Provider selection should be driven by strategy — not the other way around. Our provider selection process looks at more than just the numbers to find the right partner to meet all our clients’ needs. As some of us have worked at providers ourselves, we understand the constraints they sometimes face – and will always strive to work in partnership with our clients to help them achieve their objectives.

Driving up standards in member communications

The more people understand about pensions, the more likely it is that they’ll achieve a good outcome – so improving standards in member communications is something we feel strongly about. To make sure we get this right, we’ve partnered with Quietroom, an insight-led communications consultancy, to help us make pensions and investments more accessible.

Making our FinTech work for you

Our in-house developed Fintech platform, Ada, delivers efficiency and insight to your scheme. It reveals where you could be saving costs and allows schemes to quickly assess the impact of investment strategy changes on members.

No solution? No problem!

Where there seems to be no solution for a scheme like yours, we will create one to fit. Our team draws on wide experience in defined contribution (DC) to combine only the elements that you need to enable all stakeholders to be comfortable with the result.

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Key defined contribution contacts

If you would like to speak to a member of the team, please contact:

Jonathan Parker

Jonathan Parker

Head of DC & Financial Wellbeing

I am the lead advisor for institutional clients and assist in-house functions of pension schemes with the delivery of consultancy services.

Maggie Kearney

Maggie Kearney


My role at Redington is working with clients who have any sort of DC arrangement to make sure it is best in class and provides good member outcomes.

Paul Enderby

Paul Enderby

Senior Vice President

I have nearly 32 years' pension experience and have specialised in DC for the last 25. Joining the DC Team at Redington after so many years at big firms has been a delightful change.


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