Responsible investment survey 2020

Responsible investment survey 2020

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We are a purpose-driven firm on a mission to help make 100 million people financially secure – and we recognise sustainability plays a key part in achieving it.

We believe in one simple truth: there is little point to securing income for retirement only to spend it in an uninhabitable or unstable world. As “beginning with the end in mind” is in our DNA, this means environmental and social factors are at the heart of everything we do and they affect every decision we make as a business.

As the movement towards investing responsibly advances and evolves, at Redington, we are committed to play our role, fulfil our responsibility and be a catalyst for change. We will challenge ourselves, and others around us, to talk less and do more. We will do this openly, collaboratively and with a sense of urgency that aims to secure a sustainable future for us all.

The Responsible Investment Survey offers vital insights that help shape the conversations we have with many managers and clients. Across 96 questions, we addressed a vast spectrum of areas relating to ESG, ranging from engagement policies to psychological safety in the workplace. However, it was clear from the data that asset managers need to direct their attention to two main themes, climate change and diversity, with a focus on race and gender. Therefore, these are the themes where we are concentrating our efforts in this 2020 report.

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