Meteor Shower or Big Bang

Meteor Shower or Big Bang

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Our in-house experts, Philip Rose (CIO), Mette Hansen (Director) and Aadarsh Gautam (Associate) share views on why a single full scheme buy-out might be better for your scheme.

If, like many trustees, buying-out to secure your member’s benefits is the goal, it begs the question of how to get there and how to manage risks during the journey.

Download to read more as Philip, Mette and Aadarsh answer the following questions:

  • Slowly but surely?
  • What’s changed?
  • What are the benefits of a big bang approach?
  • How can we invest in the meantime?
  • How can we align our liabilities with insurer pricing?
  • What assets will the insurer accept?
  • So no more partial buy-ins?
  • What else?

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