How to avoid a bad haircut

Joseph Evans

Joseph Evans

Senior Vice President, Investment Consulting
(Monday, Aug, 14, 2023)
|   6 mins

How can you avoid a bad haircut?

Following the rise in gilt yields in the last year, many pension schemes have found that their % allocation to illiquid assets is larger than expected. To rebalance their allocations, or to better prepare for a buy-out, some schemes are exploring reducing their illiquid allocations.

Secondary illiquid sales usually gives rise to a word investors don’t like to hear… haircuts! ✂ Would schemes accept a haircut of 50%? Probably not. Would schemes accept a haircut of 0.01%? Maybe.

This begs the question – at which point does it make strategic sense to accept a haircut?

Investment Consultant Joseph Evans explains how we’re helping trustees set up frameworks that allow them to take the emotion out of these tricky decisions to assess the strategic trade-offs in a holistic way.

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