Using tech solutions to help acquisitive UK wealth managers (Fairstone)


Friday, Jun 21
|   3 mins

10 second summary

We helped a large acquisitive UK wealth manager streamline their investment processes and reduce regulatory risk by providing tech solutions.

What was the problem?

A financial advice business (based in North East England) managing £13bn+ assets was growing rapidly due to private equity backing; acquiring more advice firms.

Due to the number of acquisitions, there were several discretionary fund managers / investment processes within the business that ran the risk of disparate outcomes for their underlying customer base.

This posted a regulatory risk, especially with “Consumer Duty” imposed by the FCA which sets higher and clearer standards of consumer protection across the industry.

What was the solution?

The client decided to leverage Ada Research to help centralise the fund research and management of their in-house portfolios, as well as governance and oversight of sub-advised portfolios by a range of third-party wealth managers.

What was the outcome?

Using Ada Research improved the governance of our client and helps ensure their processes are more resilient to regulatory scrutiny.

Ada allows advisers to better track client portfolios and keep abreast of recent research on underlying asset managers which constitute the portfolios.

What does this mean for you?

We can assist UK wealth managers streamline their investment process in providing cloud-based tech solutions.

Key contacts

If you would like to speak to a member of the team, please contact:

Tara Gillespie

Tara Gillespie

Head of Global Assets

I joined Redington as Head of Global Assets and I'm responsible for our advisory business in key strategic growth areas, including wealth, LGPS, endowments, foundations and international investors.

Alan Wateridge

Alan Wateridge

Client Director

I joined Redington in November 2023 as Client Director within the Global Assets team. My focus is on supporting the growth of our clients across the Wealth market, to help more investors achieve their long-term investment objectives.

Sam Shaw

Sam Shaw

Chief Product Officer, Ada Fintech

I joined Redington’s ALM team in 2013. I specialized in systems development and helped build out our in-house analytics and risk software. In 2018 I moved to our technology team to be a product owner for our software platform Ada.

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