SDG-aligned Global Equity Fund Proposals


Monday, Jun 24
|   3 mins

10 Second Summary

We helped a client to launch a range of SDG-aligned portfolios, by providing fund ideas for the Global Equity sleeve of these portfolios.

What was the problem?

A client wanted to launch some SDG-aligned portfolios but needed some insight as to what the best SDG-aligned Global Equity funds would be for them.

What was our solution?

To assess the Global Equity fund universe and filter it down using our comprehensive 10x10x10 manager research framework.

What was the outcome?

We put forward two funds, leveraging our Manager Research Team capabilities.

1st Fund:

    • A sustainable-focused quantitative strategy, rated Preferred by Redington, with an edge in its extensive breadth of company forecasts, differentiated factor construction and combination, and robust risk and optimisation processes.
    • ESG considerations are integrated into stock selection, with a further decarbonisation constraint and positive environmental opportunities tilt.
    • Well-resourced and highly experienced team who are able to produce unique research insights alongside proprietary risk models and ESG signals.
    • As a quantitative strategy this provided different factor exposure, diversification benefits and a potential fee reduction vs the client’s current universe.

2nd Fund:

    • The fund deploys an impact focused investment philosophy. There is a focus on companies which are involved in the sustainability transition and they seek companies providing solutions that are aligned with 9 identified themes.
    • The manager is a useful comparator to other broader impact strategies with a long history and experience investing this way vs some of the newer strategies within the client’s universe.

The resulting materials that we provided the client with included manager summary pages, track-record performance assessment, attribution analysis, and responsible investment deep dives (see example below).

RI deep dive

What does this mean for you?

We can assist you with conducting research into different asset class manager universes and identifying the best SDG-aligned managers for you.

Key contacts

If you would like to speak to a member of the team, please contact:

Tara Gillespie

Tara Gillespie

Head of Global Assets

I joined Redington as Head of Global Assets and I'm responsible for our advisory business in key strategic growth areas, including wealth, LGPS, endowments, foundations and international investors.

Alan Wateridge

Alan Wateridge

Client Director

I joined Redington in November 2023 as Client Director within the Global Assets team. My focus is on supporting the growth of our clients across the Wealth market, to help more investors achieve their long-term investment objectives.

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