Choosing a New Provider with ESG at the Heart of Their Business Model


Monday, Feb 15
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10 second summary

We helped the a global membership organisation enhance their UK pension offering by identifying a provider that could better meet its members’ values.

What was the problem?

A global membership organisation were looking to find a pension provider who better aligned with their values.

What was our solution?

  • Redington surveyed both commercial Master Trusts & Group Personal Pension (GPP) plans, asking all participants to complete a questionnaire from which Redington could better understand their proposition and select the providers able to best meet the global membership organisation’s criteria.
  • To best assess the providers, we separated our review process into five key categories: ESG, Investment, Governance, Administration and Communications & Tools.
  • We applied weights to the categories that we believed best reflected the global membership organisation’s requirements.
  • Following this, we were able to send out additional questions to the short-listed providers requesting further detail on their ESG offerings.
  • The team hosted a provider selection with the shortlisted providers to help key decision makers better understand the recommended offerings.

What was the outcome?

  • The global membership organisation were able to select a new pension provider who they believed better aligned with their members’ values.
  • Based on members electing to do so, there will be a bulk transfer of members’ existing balances (c.£2.5m) from the current provider to the newly appointed provider.

What does this mean for you?

We can help you align your pension offering to your members’ values by working with you to establish core areas of interest and identifying providers that best accommodate these.

Want to know more? 

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