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Our problem-solving approach starts with you

Our expert team turns our vision into reality. They take Redington’s core beliefs about innovation, clarity and investing with purpose, and transform them into practical advice for pension schemes and other long-term investors. They combine technical know-how and inspired innovation with adept people skills, to ensure solutions get implemented smoothly with backing from all stakeholders.

They are here for you.

Adam Pattenden

Product Design Lead

Adam is a creative technologist and design specialist with experience in producing B2B software products and solutions. His expertise helps teams make better decisions and drive efficiency savings by using tech to supercharge their data, systems and processes.

In his time at Redington, Adam has helped champion the evolution of our SaaS product user experience and interface design whilst having a presence across various aspects of Inclusion & Diversity

Anthony Gkountintas

Vice President

I am senior software engineer with over 20 years of experience in application design and development with entousiasm in innovation and diving into into new technologies. Proficient in various platforms and programming languages, I enjoy working in a challenging environment as well as collaborating with our productive team.

Tom Richards


Years of developing products for financial services means that I have a great understanding of the types of problem faced, and therefore, how to go about delivering software which doesn’t just meet the requirements, but solves the business problem.

Smilen Stoychev


The Development team is a great engine place for innovation and growth through efficiency. It’s challenging and exciting to keep pushing our current capabilities by continuously adopting new technologies and skills.

Jade Walker

Senior Vice President

Since joining Redington, I have grown to really understand the power of technology and have developed a true appreciation for the huge impact it can have on efficiency. My previous experience in investment management gives me the domain specific knowledge required to develop ADA in a user-focused way. This enables us to address the common issues faced by many in the industry and ultimately empower them to achieve better outcomes.

Kinza Drewett


I have over 10 years’ experience in the finance industry, helping clients with pensions & investment information. While I have now started a new career in development, I think this experience is still extremely valuable when developing quality software.

Cirine Dumazet

Software Developer

I joined Redington 3 years ago as a software development apprentice to help build the ADA platform. It has been a great experience working in a supportive team and helping build and shape software to help Redington grow its Fintech brand.

Sadia Rahman


I make it easier for clients to assess the value and suitability of Redington’s products and services, whilst expanding our service offering into new client segments. My experience working with institutional investors in asset consulting and funds management gives me insight into their challenges. This allows me to connect them with the right information, people and solutions at Redington to achieve their desired outcomes.

Stefano Zante


Inspired by passion for technology, I have been working for over 10 years on the software development for a number of companies in different sectors.
Surrounded by an extremely talented group of people, in Redington I find myself constantly learning and evolving while supporting the development of our platform.

Adam Jones

MD of ADA and CTO

I lead our technology business and spend my time making sure that our ADA product changes the game for investment professionals around the world. I have been working in technology for 15 years. Be it restructuring businesses and IT estates or building robo-advice propositions for major brands, I have spent my career helping companies and individuals make empowered decisions.

Emma Middlebrook

Senior Vice President

I have over 20 years of experience working in an industry that is heavily dominated by men. Redington’s views on gender equality was one of factors that attracted me to a role in their technology team. In my time at Redington I have been encouraged to be myself and that has made me a more confident individual.

Ubichchhya Gurung


My experience helps my colleagues from IC and ALM to do their work, which indirectly helps provide a better service for clients. The culture at Redington is unique and wonderful. I love working here because of the people and the company’s goal.

Harry Billington


I am a software developer with around 8 years of experience in the development of websites and web applications. I have spent that time in a variety of roles developing a wide array of skills. I am very enthusiastic when it comes to learning new skills and developing proficiency for the skills I already have.

Jodi Kettle

Senior Vice President

I have worked in software for 15 years in a variety of industries such as luxury e-commerce, advertising and even a platform to auction cows over the internet. I like the problem solving aspect of my job, everyday has a new problem to solve. I also enjoy looking at how we can iterate our process to improve how we all work together. I really enjoy the culture at redington especially of being yourself and continously growing skills both technical and soft life skills.

Marcin Ceglarek

Vice President

Delivering solutions that put smile on our clients faces gives real sense of accomplishment.

Jasprit Bola


I apply a mix of skills spanning finance and risk management as well as computer science and software development to the problems our clients face. This provides our clients will high quality analysis and innovative applications.

Gouri Katkamwar

Vice President

I have more than 13 years of experience as a Developer in the finance and housing sector where I enjoyed problem-solving and programming. After recently joining Redington I have developed a love for its unique culture.

Christopher Brooks

Head of IT Delivery

I have been in the IT industry for 20 years now, 10 of which have been here at Redington. I have really enjoyed helping Redington to grow from where it was to where it is now by delivering IT projects that add value to the firm from making the infrastructure secure and robust to implemneting cutting edge tech to give us that competive edge. Also helps to have a great team which I do and am lucky to have!

Gemma Maher

Vice President

I advise DB pension schemes of many shapes and sizes, helping them to focus on their specific strategic needs. I love working on different challenges and the varied discussions that come with building new relationships.

Oliver Gate


Passion, curiosity, and a strong foundation in formal logic through his degree in philosophy helped Oliver grow quickly both personally and professionally in Redington’s tech team. He enjoys the challenging work and the collaborative, agile structure. Whether it is improving process, writing code or in technical discussion, Oliver is a focused, amiable, and devoted developer.

Benjamin Gratton

Vice President

As part of the Technology team I develop the software that helps clients solve a range of interesting and challenging problems. I really enjoy the open culture that Redington has, as well as the dedication to continuous personal growth.

David Henry

Sales Director

I have recently joined Redington to drive the external sales initiative for the technology division, focusing on the ADAfintech Software solution.

Having worked in financial technology for over nine years, covering Artificial Intelligence, Data rooms and many enhancing applications for Banks, Advisors and Corporates, my insights will enable me to offer an open & consultative aspect to our clients.

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