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Our problem-solving approach starts with you

Our expert team turns our vision into reality. They take Redington’s core beliefs about innovation, clarity and investing with purpose, and transform them into practical advice for pension schemes and other long-term investors. They combine technical know-how and inspired innovation with adept people skills, to ensure solutions get implemented smoothly with backing from all stakeholders.

They are here for you.

James Bloomfield


I joined the investment consulting team as a graduate in 2019 and work across the defined benefit and responsible investment spaces. This allows me to take a nuanced approach to the investment challenges faced by our clients, balancing financial and non-financial considerations.

Alex Lindenberg

Managing Director

I advise defined benefit pension schemes ranging in size from <£300m to >£30bn on all aspects of their investment strategy. I enjoy working collaboratively with trustees, sponsors and in-house teams to help solve investment and funding challenges and am passionate about empowering clients to take more effective and timely decisions.

Hugh Brady


I joined Redington in 2018 following a summer internship, having studied Biology. This gives me a slightly different perspective to approach the problems faced by our clients. I’m lucky to be able to help a wide range of asset owners make better investment decisions.

Joe Evans


I enjoy working with a variety of DB pension scheme clients, ranging from £250m to over £20bn in assets, to help them achieve their objectives. In addition to working with our senior consultants to prepare and deliver advice, I work closely with the in-house teams of our clients to ensure the ‘day-to-day’ aspects run smoothly.

Luke Isaac


I joined Redington in 2019 after spending two years at a large asset management firm and since then have loved working with a firm with a clear mission and a clear culture of doing the right thing. I enjoy working collaboratively with my clients and I always strive to deliver the best possible client service.

Max Steventon


The finance industry is well known for using unnecessary jargon and complications. I try and simplify problems to help asset owners make tangible decisions.

Mark Ng


Picking apart complex investment concepts and distilling it into clear and understandable advice is both a challenging and enjoyable part of the job.

Matthew Lim

Vice President

I joined Redington in 2015 as a graduate and have been focused on advising defined benefit pension schemes ranging from £100m to £9bn in assets, working with senior consultants to provide a wide range of investment strategic advice.

Max Dawson


I joined Redington in 2018 as a school leaver. After spending two years in the Reporting Team I moved to the consulting side of the business. I enjoy working with a variety of pension schemes and the challenges they set forward.

Thomas Pilcher

Senior Vice President

I help pension trustees turn their mass of confusing data into something tangible and meaningful so that they can make decisions that really make a difference.

Alexander Philp

Senior Vice President

I enjoy working with our clients to solve complex investment problems, help achieve their objectives and provide peace of mind.

Nick Lewis


All my clients are different, whether that is size (£100m -£10bn), governance set up or what they are trying to acheive. I love the variety that comes from helping my clients solve their unique challenges by giving clear context for all their key strategic decisions.

Carolyn Schuster-Woldan

Managing Director

I have over twenty years of experience in the pensions industry, starting out as a pensions actuary before moving over to investment consulting in 2003. I joined Redington in April 2019, and currently advise clients ranging in size from 100m to £20bn on all elements of investment. I am a passionate advocate for increasing diversity in our industry.

David Bennett

Board Director

I joined Redington in 2010 as a senior investment consultant after a long career in the capital markets, including a period as Trustee and Investment Committee member of the Goldman Sachs UK Pension Fund. I advise a range of clients and help them with defining clearly articulated goals and objectives and then, as their funds evolve, with strategic asset allocation. I also chair our investment strategy committee which helps us bring innovation and proactivity to our clients in the context of their specific needs.

Paul Richards

Head of Governance & Decision Research

My focus is on helping our clients become more confident and effective decision-makers. I’ve been lucky to learn about the why and how of good decision-making at both the investment coalface and academia. I use these insights to help our clients think about how they can structure themselves for success and make better choices. Always ready to go ‘full nerd’ on cycling up mountains, cognitive research, or the human condition.

Andrew Drake

MD in Investment Consulting

A former PwC partner, I joined Redington in January 2021. I’ve got over 25 years’ industry experience, which includes co-founding River and Mercantile Solutions (previously P-Solve) and leading the European Pensions Advisory Group at Morgan Stanley. At PwC I was responsible for the UK pensions investment consultancy business.

Anna McMullan

Vice President

I love working with our clients to help them achieve their objectives; from breaking down complex information to implementing a solution, and everything in between. I have experience on both the asset and liability side of consulting, which helps me take a holistic approach to solving problems.

Keillian Tai

Vice President

I find myself really lucky to work across a full range of pensions clients across DB and DC. This varied experience helps me better appreciate the nuanced decisions that clients are faced with.

Conor Grovestock


I joined Redington in September 2018 following the conclusion of my Master’s degree in Economics. Since then I have enjoyed working with client leads to provide a wide range of investment strategic advice to a variety of different DB pension schemes, ranging in size from <£250m to >£15bn.

Jack McKavanagh


I joined Redington in 2019 and currently work with defined benefit pension schemes ranging in size from <£250m to >£30bn. I really enjoy collaborating with trustees, in-house teams and other key stakeholders to break down complex problems into simple, decision-useful information.

Mathias Rasmussen


As a consultant, I help both sponsors and trustees of defined benefit pension schemes focus on the investment decisions that matter for achieving their objectives.

Patrick O’Sullivan

Head of Investment Consulting

I’ve spent my career designing and adapting investment strategies of my pension scheme clients to deliver improvements in their funding levels whilst closely managing risk. My wife also works in pensions consulting, so the pensions chat never stops!

Nick Horsfall

Managing Director

Karen Heaven

Managing Director

I am a lead investment consultant to a number of UK DB pension scheme / foundation clients. I joined Redington in 2011 after nearly 9 years in capital markets at an investment bank. I sit on Redington’s Investment Strategy Committee and I chair our Sales Committee. Outside of work, I’m part of a ferociously competitive pub quiz team. I also like to go jogging when I can.

Benjamin Blackburn

Vice President

I joined Redington in 2016, working with clients across DB, DC and asset only. My time is now focused on providing DB schemes with the information they need to answer the important questions and ultimately help them achieve their long-term objectives.

Jaymin Vibhakar


Since joining Redington in March 2016, I look to help our clients tailor their investment strategy by taking into account their objectives, beliefs and constraints. I’ve enjoyed providing both clarity on the big picture as well as digging into the minutia on a variety of clients varying from £1bn to over £25bn.

Daniel Robertson


I joined Redington in 2020, with my prior experience working as an Economist for the Civil Service refining my ability to collaborate with a range of stakeholders to deliver effective and informed decisions.

Holly Nardi


I work across a number of DB schemes ranging from c.£50m to c.£30bn in size. I really enjoy breaking down complex advice into digestible formats to help my clients acheive their objectives.

Sophie Bell


I recently joined Redington with two years of experience in Investment consulting and now work across a range of DB schemes. I enjoy working with a variety of DB pension schemes, implementing suitable investment strategies in order to achieve their long-term objectives, and breaking down complex advice into digestible formats to help my clients achieve their objectives.

Viane Frost

Business Manager

I have over 20 years of asset management experience; designing and communicating products for pension schemes and members across the world. I use this practical experience, and an obsession with data-driven decision making, to make sure that Redington has the frameworks and tools to manage its business and deliver the highest standard of client experience.

Hugo Nuttall


I joined Redington in 2018 on the graduate programme, having worked across a variety of different-sized pension schemes with their own set of unique challenges.

Ben Tattersall


I joined Redington in 2017 and currently work with a range of defined benefit pension clients from £150m to £7bn in size. I really enjoy getting to know different clients and working with them to identify the right solutions for them.

Kalyanie Murugesu


I joined the investment consulting team in 2019 as a graduate and currently split my time between supporting lead consultants on both DB and DC clients. This gives me the advantage of helping clients find solutions to investment strategy matters as well as assisting with the provision of governance, engagement and regulatory advice.

Jody Scowcroft


I have a passion for finding innovative and simple solutions to complex issues. This, coupled with my academic and professional background, has set me up with the expertise to help our clients.

William Waterhouse


I joined Redington in 2019, having worked for Hargreaves Lansdown to help execution only retail clients. I now enjoy working with institutional clients with a wide range of constraints to meet their long term objectives with quantitative decision making frameworks.

Edina Molnar


I work in Redington’s Investment Consulting team as a dedicated Responsible Investment specialist. I help clients to define their investment beliefs and policies around Responsible Investment and embed ESG considerations such as climate change into a decision-making framework, ensuring that these are reflected in their investment strategy. I used to host a sustainability-themed podcast with a friend, which was really just a great excuse for us to pick experts’ brains on topics we were passionate about!

Beth Dunmall

Senior Vice President

I have experience advising on both the asset and liability sides of pension schemes, which means I can really help clients to understand the bigger picture and make the right decisions to achieve their long-term goals.

Sebastian Schulze

Managing Director

I focus on breaking down complicated problems and clearly communicating the key areas that require centre of attention. In my experience it’s the best way of supporting clients in making the right decisions on investments and risk management. I have used this approach to work successfully with a wide range of trustee boards, pension schemes and companies to build effective investment solutions tailored to their specific needs.

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