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Our problem-solving approach starts with you

Our expert team turns our vision into reality. They take Redington’s core beliefs about innovation, clarity and investing with purpose, and transform them into practical advice for pension schemes and other long-term investors. They combine technical know-how and inspired innovation with adept people skills, to ensure solutions get implemented smoothly with backing from all stakeholders.

They are here for you.

Kate Mijakowska


I am responsible for LDI and Solutions research, advising on hedging mandates with total aggregate exposure of over £140bn. My role includes manager selection and monitoring, product evaluation, as well as collaborating with asset managers on mandate design. I joined Redington in 2011.

Rishi Bhabutta


A high level explanation of my role is that it involves modelling pension schemes’ assets and liabilities to provide risk analysis and investment strategy advice to clients, to help them achieve their goals. I have a degree in Mathematics from Cambridge and am CFA qualified. I am involved in several firmwide initiatives, including the FFS Committee, Acorns Team, hiring, training and L&D projects.

Grant Gwynne


I joined Redington in 2018 and support all our defined contribution clients, focusing on investment strategy and Value for Money. I have built my experience across Master Trust clients and Provider research while also approaching pensions from a Global technology lens – looking to better align an organisatons pension schemes across the world.

Maria Calle-Barrado

Head of Legal & Compliance

I head the Legal & Compliance team, which also includes the Risk and Information Security functions. Before joining Redington, I led Legal, Compliance and HR departments for leading global companies in different industries. It’s a privilege to work with so many talented and engaging people. For everyone here, it’s much more than a job, we are here because we care and because we want to make a difference.

James Bloomfield


I joined the investment consulting team as a graduate in 2019 and work across the defined benefit and responsible investment spaces. This allows me to take a nuanced approach to the investment challenges faced by our clients, balancing financial and non-financial considerations.

Sebastian Schulze

Managing Director

I focus on breaking down complicated problems and clearly communicating the key areas that require centre of attention. In my experience it’s the best way of supporting clients in making the right decisions on investments and risk management. I have used this approach to work successfully with a wide range of trustee boards, pension schemes and companies to build effective investment solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Kalyanie Murugesu


I joined the investment consulting team in 2019 as a graduate and currently split my time between supporting lead consultants on both DB and DC clients. This gives me the advantage of helping clients find solutions to investment strategy matters as well as assisting with the provision of governance, engagement and regulatory advice.

Alice Cain

Manager Research Assistant

I joined Redington in May 2018, having previously worked in the construction recruitment industry. Having no real experience of pensions and investments prior to joining, it has been a great learning curve. I now work as an Associate Team Assistant within the Manager Research Team, helping a team of great people with an excellent culture.

Jill Davys


I recently joined Redington as Head of LGPS to support them with their understanding of the Local Government Pensions landscape. Previous roles include Assistant Director, Investments at the £18bn West Midlands Pension Fund, Client Director at London CIV, and Head of Financial Services at London Borough of Hackney. Previously I worked as a Fund Manager for around 20 years. Moving to Redington after so many years in local government has been a really enjoyable experience with so many clever and friendly people.

Andre Garber


I am part of the Manager Analytics Team within Manager Research. My role involves investment commentary writing, quantitative analytics, research, and integrating investment information across Equity, Multi-Asset and Liability Driven Investment (LDI). Being part of a newly formed team within the company makes each day of the role dynamic, provides a lot of learning experience, and makes it enjoyable to work with others as part of an ever-evolving team.

Ross Radford


I joined in July 17 to help scale the finance function and support Redington’s ambitious growth plans. It’s been an exciting journey so far watching us evolve! Look forward to seeing what the future brings as we continue our mission to help make 100m people financially secure.

Ashley Ambalavanar


I joined the Reporting Team at Redington in May 2017 as an apprentice studying accounting. Being the fourth member to join the team, I’ve seen the team evolve and grow over the last 3 years.

Alykhan Bharmal


With a background in engineering and experience in data processing automation, I think outside the box and develop innovative solutions to drive efficiency in our modeling approaches, helping the team to focus on what’s important and deliver the best.

Gouri Katkamwar

Vice President

I have more than 13 years of experience as a Developer in the finance and housing sector where I enjoyed problem-solving and programming. After recently joining Redington I have developed a love for its unique culture.

Gemma Maher

Vice President

I advise DB pension schemes of many shapes and sizes, helping them to focus on their specific strategic needs. I love working on different challenges and the varied discussions that come with building new relationships.

Oliver Wayne

Senior Vice President

I am responsible for Redington’s research, selection and monitoring of public equity managers. I joined Redington in September 2016 from Willis Towers Watson where I led the firm’s research on UK and European public equity managers.

Jade Walker

Vice President

Since joining Redington, I have grown to really understand the power of technology and have developed a true appreciation for the huge impact it can have on efficiency. My previous experience in investment management gives me the domain specific knowledge required to develop ADA in a user-focused way. This enables us to address the common issues faced by many in the industry and ultimately empower them to achieve better outcomes.

Jaspal Phull

I am responsible for manager research across real estate and infrastructure strategies and have over 18 years of alternatives investment experiance. Prior to joining Redington in 2019, I was head of research & strategy for a commercial real estate fund and a PM for Stenham Advisors, where I managed equity long short and commodity trading stratagies.

Alexander Robinson


Having joined Redington in 2019 as an Analyst in the Global Assets team, I have worked primarily with Wealth Management clients, helping to overcome their investment strategy challenges. Prior to Redington, I had studied to obtain a Masters degree in Mechanical and Offshore Engineering.

Javier Arias


I work as an Associate in the Manager Research Team covering liquid and semi-liquid fixed income strategies. I joined Redington in 2017, following the completion of a master’s degree in Climate Change & Finance at Imperial College. Prior to Redington, I worked for two years as an analyst for PGIM Real Estate, covering property investments in Mexico.

Oliver Gate


Passion, curiosity, and a strong foundation in formal logic through his degree in philosophy helped Oliver grow quickly both personally and professionally in Redington’s tech team. He enjoys the challenging work and the collaborative, agile structure. Whether it is improving process, writing code or in technical discussion, Oliver is a focused, amiable, and devoted developer.

Tricia Ward


I work in manager research and alongside investment consulting, focusing on private markets. I’ve spent more than 20 years in financial services, with over a decade researching and investing in alternative markets, particularly private credit, for pension funds and family offices. I’m passionate about applying and sharing the knowledge we build to deliver optimal solutions for our clients and their clients’ futures, whilst fostering an environment of continual improvement across our team.

Andrew Drake

MD in Investment Consulting

A former PwC partner, I joined Redington in January 2021. I’ve got over 25 years’ industry experience, which includes co-founding River and Mercantile Solutions (previously P-Solve) and leading the European Pensions Advisory Group at Morgan Stanley. At PwC I was responsible for the UK pensions investment consultancy business.

Sophie Bell


I recently joined Redington with two years of experience in Investment consulting and now work across a range of DB schemes. I enjoy working with a variety of DB pension schemes, implementing suitable investment strategies in order to achieve their long-term objectives, and breaking down complex advice into digestible formats to help my clients achieve their objectives.

Jaymin Vibhakar


Since joining Redington in March 2016, I look to help our clients tailor their investment strategy by taking into account their objectives, beliefs and constraints. I’ve enjoyed providing both clarity on the big picture as well as digging into the minutia on a variety of clients varying from £1bn to over £25bn.

Kristina Morrison

Vice President

I joined Redington in 2015 as a graduate and currently split my time between looking after a number of defined benefit clients ranging in size from c.£500m to c.£3bn and overseeing asset transitions across our client base. I enjoy working collaboratively with clients’ in-house teams to help execute complex asset transitions.

Harry Billington


I am a software developer with around 8 years of experience in the development of websites and web applications. I have spent that time in a variety of roles developing a wide array of skills. I am very enthusiastic when it comes to learning new skills and developing proficiency for the skills I already have.

Luis Farrell


I started my career studying Political Economy (BSc) followed by a 6 months research fellowship studying the impact of violence in social development in occupied Palestine. In 2017 I joined Redington as a trainee with a baby step into the world of finance, with the intention of putting my part in solving the ongoing climate emergency. In October 2020, I became a standalone Responsible Investment specialist in my team.

Adam Pattenden

Product Design Lead

Adam is a creative technologist and design specialist with experience in producing B2B software products and solutions. His expertise helps teams make better decisions and drive efficiency savings by using tech to supercharge their data, systems and processes.

In his time at Redington, Adam has helped champion the evolution of our SaaS product user experience and interface design whilst having a presence across various aspects of Inclusion & Diversity

Hugh Brady


I joined Redington in 2018 following a summer internship, having studied Biology. This gives me a slightly different perspective to approach the problems faced by our clients. I’m lucky to be able to help a wide range of asset owners make better investment decisions.

Matthew Lim

Vice President

I joined Redington in 2015 as a graduate and have been focused on advising defined benefit pension schemes ranging from £100m to £9bn in assets, working with senior consultants to provide a wide range of investment strategic advice.

Michael Grob


I joined Redington in July 2021 and have over ten years experience in the German market, having advised Aon’s institutional clients in Investment Consulting since 2010. I am particularly passionate about all technical aspects of consulting, such as ALM software programming.

Mohamed Fazal

Head of Client Solutions, ALM

It’s hard to believe I’m in my 9th year at Redington but I’ve really enjoyed my time here, mainly because every year is a different challenge! I now co-head the ALM & Investment Strategy team and my focus is on making sure we help to deliver outstanding advice and client solutions, based on sound analysis of their problems. Before Redington, I worked in Investment Banking at HSBC for 4 years and it was quite a different experience!

Holly Nardi


I work across a number of DB schemes ranging from c.£50m to c.£30bn in size. I really enjoy breaking down complex advice into digestible formats to help my clients acheive their objectives.

Sam Shaw

Senior Vice President

I joined Redington’s ALM team in 2013. I specialized in systems development and helped build out our in-house analytics and risk software. In 2018 I moved to our technology team to be a product owner for our software platform ADA.

Torsten Köpke


I have worked with investors of various types and very different regulatory and accounting frameworks from a lot of different locations around the globe. I am confident that this enables me to understand the specific needs and options for our clients.

Annabel West


I work as an Analyst in the Manager Research Team covering LDI and Real Assets. I joined Redington in May 2020, having previously worked as a rates analyst at BMO Global Asset Management, and in Research and Strategy at LaSalle Investment Management.

Conor Grovestock


I joined Redington in September 2018 following the conclusion of my Master’s degree in Economics. Since then I have enjoyed working with client leads to provide a wide range of investment strategic advice to a variety of different DB pension schemes, ranging in size from <£250m to >£15bn.

Nick Horsfall

Managing Director

Samuel Ellwood

Trainee Reporting Analyst

I joined Redington in early 2020 and am currently working within the Reporting team. I have been able to develop my understanding of the industry amongst experienced & knowlegable colleagues and look forward to building on this in the future.

Tom Wake-Walker

Senior Vice President

I work as a Senior Vice President in the Manager Research Team and sit within the liquid markets segment. I am responsible for manager research in multi-asset and liquid alternatives.
I joined Redington in June 2016 having previously worked at LyonRoss Capital and Novus Partners in New York and Zurich.

Klaudia Wolodzko


Since my journey with Redington began about 3 years ago, being a part of such a diverse team of knowledgeable and helpful people has been absolutely inspiring. As an Executive Personal Assistant, I plan and organise the daily activities of our executives. With years of experience in this time management role, I am able to do this in a way that allows the schedules of our leadership to flow as efficiently and as seamlessly as possible.

Keillian Tai

Vice President

I find myself really lucky to work across a full range of pensions clients across DB and DC. This varied experience helps me better appreciate the nuanced decisions that clients are faced with.

Edina Molnar


I work in Redington’s Investment Consulting team as a dedicated Responsible Investment specialist. I help clients to define their investment beliefs and policies around Responsible Investment and embed ESG considerations such as climate change into a decision-making framework, ensuring that these are reflected in their investment strategy. I used to host a sustainability-themed podcast with a friend, which was really just a great excuse for us to pick experts’ brains on topics we were passionate about!

Richard Warrick


I joined Redington in 2019, after spending three years working within the Investment Advisory team at PwC. I have experience of working with numerous types of investors, including family offices, local authorities and insurers, to help them to set, implement, and review their investment strategies. I have an academic background in finance, having earned the CFA charter in September 2020 and studied various finance modules at university.

Thomas Pilcher

Senior Vice President

I help pension trustees turn their mass of confusing data into something tangible and meaningful so that they can make decisions that really make a difference.

Marcin Ceglarek

Vice President

Delivering solutions that put smile on our clients faces gives real sense of accomplishment.

Daniel Swain

Director, Head of Reporting

I am a Reporting specialist with over 25 years industry experience. I started my career within the Investment Management industry and have worked at prestigious companies such as Invesco Perpetual and Lehman Brothers. I joined Redington in 2015 and head up the Reporting team. I also head up Redington Acorns, am Redington’s Ambassador for RedStart Educate and sit on both the Responsible Investment and Promotions committee

Jasprit Bola


I apply a mix of skills spanning finance and risk management as well as computer science and software development to the problems our clients face. This provides our clients will high quality analysis and innovative applications.

Charlotte Reid


I joined Redington in 2017 as an Admin Assistant. It didn’t take me long to realise I had a passion for all things Tech! My role has evolved and I am now a member of the Technology team and am responsible for solving IT issues on Service desk which can be challenging and assisting on IT projects which allows me to develop my skills. I love that my team is super supportive and have contributed to my growth and development.

Christopher Brooks

Head of IT Delivery

I have been in the IT industry for 20 years now, 10 of which have been here at Redington. I have really enjoyed helping Redington to grow from where it was to where it is now by delivering IT projects that add value to the firm from making the infrastructure secure and robust to implemneting cutting edge tech to give us that competive edge. Also helps to have a great team which I do and am lucky to have!

William Waterhouse


I joined Redington in 2019, having worked for Hargreaves Lansdown to help execution only retail clients. I now enjoy working with institutional clients with a wide range of constraints to meet their long term objectives with quantitative decision making frameworks.

Harry Selvey


As part of the Client Solutions team within ALM, my role is to provide investment strategy and risk management advice and analysis to clients. I joined Redington as a graduate following completion of a degree in Mathematics with Economics, and am currently studying towards becoming a CFA charterholder.

Benjamin Blackburn

Vice President

I joined Redington in 2016, working with clients across DB, DC and asset only. My time is now focused on providing DB schemes with the information they need to answer the important questions and ultimately help them achieve their long-term objectives.

George Davison

Reporting Analyst

I have been part of Redington since 2019 after graduating University with a BSc in Economics. Throughout this time, I have gained invaluable knowledge from my peers and seen the dynamic of the team and Reporting processes constantly evolve.

Paul Richards

Head of Governance & Decision Research

My focus is on helping our clients become more confident and effective decision-makers. I’ve been lucky to learn about the why and how of good decision-making at both the investment coalface and academia. I use these insights to help our clients think about how they can structure themselves for success and make better choices. Always ready to go ‘full nerd’ on cycling up mountains, cognitive research, or the human condition.

Anna McMullan

Vice President

I love working with our clients to help them achieve their objectives; from breaking down complex information to implementing a solution, and everything in between. I have experience on both the asset and liability side of consulting, which helps me take a holistic approach to solving problems.

Yajur Shah

Vice President

After graduating from the University of Oxford, MMath Mathematics and Statistics, I spent 4 years at Mercer in their FSG/SSG team, where I became a CFA Charterholder before coming to Redington. Since joining Redington’s ALM team in 2018, the majority of my time is spent modelling our clients’ strategies. I’m also involved with streamlining our internal LDI benchmark process, PPF levy calculations process and am on our Responsible Investments team.

Alessia Lenders


I work as an Associate in the Manager Research Team, dedicated to Responisble Investment. I work closely with my colleagues across the Research team to critically assess ESG integration in all asset classes and source unique and competitive sustainable investing solutions for our clients. I joined Redington in June 2020 having previously completed my 3 year analyst training program at JP Morgan.

Zoe Taylor

Deputy CEO, Board Director

I work with our client facing business lines on anything from strategy and proposition development, through to sales, client service and delivery. I am also a member of our Board of Directors. I’ve spent the last 17 years working across all aspects of investment consulting. I love all things strategy and people related, and particularly enjoy my role as a mentor to a number of individuals at Redington and also outside of the business.

Pete Drewienkiewicz

CIO-Global Assets

I am Chief Investment Officer for Global Assets at Redington. In this role, I advise a range of wealth managers, insurance companies and public sector pension schemes with combined assets of more than £400bn. I also have oversight of Redington’s 25-person research platform across both manager and asset class research and am ultimately accountable for the asset class implementations that are recommended to clients.

Maria Kendall

Senior Vice President

I advise DB pension schemes of many shapes and sizes, helping them to focus on their specific strategic needs. I love working on different challenges and the varied discussions that come with building new relationships.

Leanne Metcalfe

Investment Consultant Team Administrator

I have been working at Redington for over 5 years and its been great to see how fast the compnay has grown and how it still looks after every member of staff.

Nick Lewis


All my clients are different, whether that is size (£100m -£10bn), governance set up or what they are trying to acheive. I love the variety that comes from helping my clients solve their unique challenges by giving clear context for all their key strategic decisions.

Benjamin Gratton


As part of the Technology team I develop the software that helps clients solve a range of interesting and challenging problems. I really enjoy the open culture that Redington has, as well as the dedication to continuous personal growth.

Emma Middlebrook

Vice President

I have over 20 years of experience working in an industry that is heavily dominated by men. Redington’s views on gender equality was one of factors that attracted me to a role in their technology team. In my time at Redington I have been encouraged to be myself and that has made me a more confident individual.

Adam Jones

MD of ADA and CTO

I lead our technology business and spend my time making sure that our ADA product changes the game for investment professionals around the world. I have been working in technology for 15 years. Be it restructuring businesses and IT estates or building robo-advice propositions for major brands, I have spent my career helping companies and individuals make empowered decisions.

Anran Chen

Vice President

I joined Redington in September 2016 as a graduate on the ALM team. Prior to that I’ve had a PhD dgree in Actuarial Science from Cass.

James Squires

Non-Executive Director

Redington is one-of-a-kind. Its core values, innovation and hugely talented staff are a genuine differentiator. It’s a privilege to be part of a team which challenges the status-quo to deliver the best outcomes for its clients.

Sadia Rahman


I make it easier for clients to assess the value and suitability of Redington’s products and services, whilst expanding our service offering into new client segments. My experience working with institutional investors in asset consulting and funds management gives me insight into their challenges. This allows me to connect them with the right information, people and solutions at Redington to achieve their desired outcomes.

Kevser Kilinc


I joined Redington in early 2018 as an apprentice with no experience and now have a permenant role within the finance team. It has been nothing but an exciting journey watching Redington grow and aim to help make 100m people financially secure.

Kathryn Purves

Board Chair

Having worked both in private equity and in management teams of private equity backed companies, I am excited to be involved in Redington’s next phase of growth. Redington’s purpose-driven culture and values are embodied by everyone here and give me great confidence in Redington’s future.

James Zimaras


I enjoy using my numerical skills to provide risk management and investment advice to a wide range of clients. I joined Redington’s graduate scheme in 2020 after completing a Masters’ degree in Mathematics at university and am currently studying towards becoming an Actuary.

Ellen Cusiter

Client Relations Associate

Through my earlier roles, I developed an appreciation for different client drivers and the connection between building relationships and providing a trustworthy service. Leading the Client Servicing Programme at Redington, I spend time with our clients listening to and understanding their individual needs to ensure we provide a tailored service that exceeds expectations.

Robert Kellermann


I joined Redington in March 2021 as a Director in the Global Assets team, responsible for the German business. Prior to Redington, I spent 6 years working as a business developer at private markets managers.
My career includes senior consultant roles at FERI, Pioneer Investments, and Allianz Global Investors.

Paul Enderby

Senior Vice President

I have nearly 32 years’ pension experience and have specialised in DC for the last 25. Joining the DC Team at Redington after so many years at big impersonal firms has been a delightful change. I love how much everyone shares their ideas and experience and the respect and kindness everyone shows.

Marjorie Lyons

Senior Vice President

I joined Redington in January of 2017 as part of the Manager Research Team covering fixed income strategies with a particular focus on securitised credit. I have spent almost 20 years working in financial services across investment banking, asset management as well as financial consulting. Most revelant to my current role, pervisouly, I was a credit analyst covering structured credit in investment management in both the US and the UK.

Jonathan West

Senior Vice President

I’m Redington’s guru on all things Microsoft Office. I design our document templates, create libraries for content that we re-use and write software to automate our reports.

Julian Bertie


I work as an Associate in the Manager Research Team primarily covering multi asset and liquid alternative strategies. I joined Redington in 2018 after graduating from the University of Bristol, where I studied Geography.

Nicole Toselli


I joined the Global Assets Team at Redington in September 2020 as a graduate and I work across a variety of Wealth Management clients and other asset owners. I really enjoy new challenges and helping clients achieve their strategic objectives.

Cirine Dumazet

Software Developer

I joined Redington 3 years ago as a software development apprentice to help build the ADA platform. It has been a great experience working in a supportive team and helping build and shape software to help Redington grow its Fintech brand.

Sarah Miller

Vice President, Manager Research

I work as a Vice President in the Manager Research Team where I have a primary focus on illiquid strategies. I joined Redington in July 2019 having previously worked at BMO Global Asset Management and Janus Henderson.

Sandy Muirhead

Non-Executive Director

I’ve spent my career helping companies achieve their potential. With its talented team, tech-backed expertise, differentiated offering and unrelenting focus on getting the best outcome for the client, Redington’s potential is enormously exciting!

Jack McKavanagh


I joined Redington in 2019 and currently work with defined benefit pension schemes ranging in size from <£250m to >£30bn. I really enjoy collaborating with trustees, in-house teams and other key stakeholders to break down complex problems into simple, decision-useful information.

Alexander Philp

Senior Vice President

I enjoy working with our clients to solve complex investment problems, help achieve their objectives and provide peace of mind.

Tom Baird

Senior Vice President

My focus is finding the best equity managers for our client base. I have been doing this at Redington since 2017 looking across public and private markets at a wide range of strategies. Before joining Redington, I carried out a similar role for 4 years at Willis Towers Watson.

Ben Dewhurst


I supported in the creation of the Global Assets Team in 2018. Since then, my role has been focused on supporting wealth management firms and other asset owners achieve their long-term strategic objectives.

Maggie Kearney


I joined Redington in October 2020 having previously been the UK Pensions and Benefits Lead at Accenture where I was responsible for all aspects of one of the largest UK occupational DC pension schemes. My role at Redington is working with clients who have any sort of DC arrangement to make sure it is best in class and provides good member outcomes, drawing on my 30 years experience in DC pensions.

Beth Dunmall

Senior Vice President

I have experience advising on both the asset and liability sides of pension schemes, which means I can really help clients to understand the bigger picture and make the right decisions to achieve their long-term goals.

Piravin Ganesh


I joined Redington as part of the investment consulting graduate intake in 2017. Studying to become a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, I use my technical understanding to support senior consultant across a wide range of our DB pension scheme clients.

Adetola Afolabi


Being able to work with genuinely friendly people who share the same values and strive to achieve client outcomes is one of the many reasons why I enjoy working at Redington.

Ubichchhya Gurung


My experience helps my colleagues from IC and ALM to do their work, which indirectly helps provide a better service for clients. The culture at Redington is unique and wonderful. I love working here because of the people and the company’s goal.

Paul Ackers


My role involves producing analysis for both pension scheme and wealth management clients to guide and support our investment strategy and risk management recommendations. Part of my role involves building systems and templates to ensure that the ALM team can efficiently produce analysis for our clients.

Paul Lee

Head of Stewardship & Sustainable Investment Strategy

I have spent 20 years in leading roles in stewardship and ESG integration. First at Hermes, where I helped create and build the world-leading stewardship business Equity Ownership Service (EOS), and latterly as the first global head of governance – stewardship at Aberdeen Asset Management. For the last three years I’ve been an independent consultant advising asset owners and fund managers on ESG issues, and leading projects for investor organisations including the PRI, Investor Forum, CFA UK, PLSA and ICGN.

Russell Wright

Senior Vice President

Before joining Redington, I worked in a number of leadership roles at Hargreaves Lansdown. This included leading retirement marketing and workplace proposition development. I’m passionate about helping to make people financially secure through improving member engagement, ensuring good scheme governance, and helping providers improve their propositions. Since joining Redington, I have been impressed by how keen people are to share ideas and welcome new thinking.

Edwin Whitehead

Senior Vice President

I lead the client delivery of Responsible Investment advice at Redington. I, and a group of colleagues ensure that all of our clients are adequately, and proportionally integrating environmental, social and governance considerations into their investment decision making.

Geeta Malkani

Senior Vice President

After obtaining a degree in psychology and philosophy, I began my professional journey in HR and subsequently studied law. After over a decade in employment law / HR, my long-standing curiosity about people and desire to make a genuine impact led to further studies in Coaching and Organisational Psychology.


Dawid Konotey-Ahulu

Co-founder, Non-Executive Director

Everywhere in this firm, there is an extraordinary blend of effortlessly cool, joie de vivre, and intense focus on delivering a world class service to our clients that leaves me certain this is the best firm Rob and I could have set up.

Jim (Zichao) Wang


I enjoy analyzing problems in a mathematical way. From optimization to efficiency improvement, I always want to make things simple into a mathematical model.

Kirby Perez


I joined Redington in April 2021 as an Associate within the Admin Team. I have worked in various industries over the years and have over 12 years of experience in my field. I most notably spent 7 years working at Lane Clark & Peacock in their Investment department; so am quite at home with the industry.  I am so pleased to be a part of such a wonderful company and enjoy helping the team to run smoothly from behind the scenes.

Joe Evans


I enjoy working with a variety of DB pension scheme clients, ranging from £250m to over £20bn in assets, to help them achieve their objectives. In addition to working with our senior consultants to prepare and deliver advice, I work closely with the in-house teams of our clients to ensure the ‘day-to-day’ aspects run smoothly.

Nick Robert-Nicoud

Head of Marketing

Having spent my 20’s living in France, not wanting to wear a suit, commute or work in the City, I’m now 20+ years into a career in Pensions and Investments – being part of an industry that helps people own choice through financial stability and save for the biggest holiday of their life is a really good thing. What better place to do that than Redington…

Szabolcs Papp


I really enjoy being part of the Delivery team, in these times we need we are facing with new challenges. In my current role on service desk, we need more creativity to fix issues remotely, but also, we can learn new technologies too. Love the team, we support each other and Redington too.

Nick Blake

Managing Director

I joined Redington in 2021, having spent 30 years in the UK Wealth market, helping to lead firms such as Standard Life and Vanguard. As Managing Director of our Wealth business, I’m proud to be part of Redington’s mission to make 100 million people financially secure.

Fred Perez

Head of Operations - Facilities

Having worked for leading global companies in different industries, I’m very passionate about bringing a diverse input to Redington, continuously adapting our clients and staff experience to facilitiate their goals achievement.

Hayley Connolly


I have worked in many different industries, both private and public, so am able to combine those experiences, in order to provide the best client service possible.

Akaash Sharma

Reporting Analyst

I Joined Redington in 2018 after my roles in retail banking and private equity. I’ve been involved with some eye opening projects and been taken back by the generosity of my colleagues knowledge.

Tom Richards


Years of developing products for financial services means that I have a great understanding of the types of problem faced, and therefore, how to go about delivering software which doesn’t just meet the requirements, but solves the business problem.

Raja Haroon

Vice President - Principal Support Engineer

I have been in IT for 10 years and almost 5 years with Redington, experience in handling any IT concerns, implementing new software, installing new hardware, and addressing user concerns, I bring attention to detail and a dedication to technical improvement to each job. Have a broad understanding of computer, networking, storage and software’s.

Ronak Patel


As an analyst in the Manager Research Team I help research and select public equity fund managers for client allocations. My background is in Economics having studied at the University of Cambridge prior to joining Redington.

Matthew Sinnett

Vice President

I spent the first 7 years of my career working for Aon with experience in their ALM team, as well as a few years working on the fiduciary side of their business. In September 2019 I joined the ALM team at Redington where I focus on providing quantitative analysis to aid investment advice. I work on clients ranging in size from £200m to £35bn, each with their own unique strategic challenges. I’ve got experience working in a variety of different technical areas and I enjoy working with clients to find the best solution for their needs.

Smilen Stoychev


The Development team is a great engine place for innovation and growth through efficiency. It’s challenging and exciting to keep pushing our current capabilities by continuously adopting new technologies and skills.

Gaurav Sehmi


Coming from a technical and analytical background, I ensure the modelling of our clients’ assets and liabilities are as accurate as possible so that they can then make well-informed decisions with the advice from our Investment Consulting team

Lackshana Ponnampalam

Reporting Analyst

Starting my career at a company where everyone is willing to share their knowledge and experience with you is a fantastic resource! It allows you to collaborate and develop a wide range of skills. Already in my short time at Redington, I had the pleasure of working on projects to drive improvements in our reporting. While continuing to grow my understanding of different asset classes within the illiquid space.

Mathias Rasmussen


As a consultant, I help both sponsors and trustees of defined benefit pension schemes focus on the investment decisions that matter for achieving their objectives.

Mitesh Sheth

CEO, Board Director

I joined Redington in 2013 and was appointed as CEO in April 2016. I am passionate about culture and much of my focus has been on putting “the right people, in the right roles, to do the right things, in the right way.” I love our long-term perspective, our social purpose to help make 100m people financially secure and the smart, yet humble, people that I have the pleasure to work with every day.

Alexander White

Co-head of ALM

Risk analysis is not a goal in itself, it’s only ever a tool. My role is to design focused tools to answer the right questions and draw out the salient points. What those questions are can vary across even superficially similar clients.

Ben Tattersall


I joined Redington in 2017 and currently work with a range of defined benefit pension clients from £150m to £7bn in size. I really enjoy getting to know different clients and working with them to identify the right solutions for them.

Anthony Gkountintas

Vice President

I am senior software engineer with over 20 years of experience in application design and development with entousiasm in innovation and diving into into new technologies. Proficient in various platforms and programming languages, I enjoy working in a challenging environment as well as collaborating with our productive team.

Patrick O’Sullivan

Head of Investment Consulting

I’ve spent my career designing and adapting investment strategies of my pension scheme clients to deliver improvements in their funding levels whilst closely managing risk. My wife also works in pensions consulting, so the pensions chat never stops!

Ryan Falls

Vice President

I joined Redington in September 2017 as an Associate on the ALM team. Prior to that I have experience working in another investment consulting firm, a large institutional pension fund and a general insurance company. My time at Redington has been focused on quantitative analysis and strategic investment advice for several institutional investors, and the odd game of table tennis!

Nick Samuels

Head of Manager Research

I lead a talented team who help institutional and wealth management clients around the world allocate to the funds that get them closer to their strategic goals. I am chair of Redington’s Responsible Investment Committee and also a voting member of Redington’s Investment Strategy Committee. At weekends I am a part-time Uber driver, chauffeuring my two kids to their various sporting, musical and social activities.

Arthur Burrett

Vice President

I joined Redington in June 2019 and sit within the liquid credit segment of MRT. Prior to joining Redington, I was a High Yield Credit Trader at Barclays with a focus on European Autos and Food and Consumer sectors across bonds and CDS.
My experience in credit trading and fundamental credit research will help me achieve better outcomes for our clients.

Alex Lindenberg

Managing Director

I advise defined benefit pension schemes ranging in size from <£300m to >£30bn on all aspects of their investment strategy. I enjoy working collaboratively with trustees, sponsors and in-house teams to help solve investment and funding challenges and am passionate about empowering clients to take more effective and timely decisions.

Hui Lyu


My role involves providing risk management and investment strategy analysis to both pension schemes and insurance companies. I have a Bachelors’ degree in Actuarial Science from LSE and a masters’ degree from Oxford, and am studying towards actuarial qualification.

Lee Georgs

COO, Board Director

I oversee Redington’s Corporate Functions, which include Legal, Compliance, Risk, Information Security, People, Information Technology Delivery & Infrastructure, Client Reporting, Facilities Operations and Administrative. I am also the Executive Sponsor for Redington’s Inclusion & Diversity, Culture & Values committee and sit on the firm’s Operating, Executive, Risk and Remuneration Committees as well as being a member of the Board of Directors.

Hugo Nuttall


I joined Redington in 2018 on the graduate programme, having worked across a variety of different-sized pension schemes with their own set of unique challenges.

Jonathan Parker

Head of DC & Financial Wellbeing

I joined Redington in 2018 having spent 18 years across a range of senior positions in the industry. I am the lead advisor for institutional clients and assist in-house functions of pension schemes with the delivery of consultancy services. In addition to my role at Redington, I am an Independent Trustee of the Aviva Master Trust. As part of this role I chair the Investment Sub-Committee and am also a member of the Risk sub-committee.

Daniel Robertson


I joined Redington in 2020, with my prior experience working as an Economist for the Civil Service refining my ability to collaborate with a range of stakeholders to deliver effective and informed decisions.

Max Dawson


I joined Redington in 2018 as a school leaver. After spending two years in the Reporting Team I moved to the consulting side of the business. I enjoy working with a variety of pension schemes and the challenges they set forward.

Charlie Sheridan


I joined Redington in April 2018, initially working in our Reporting Team before moving into the Global Assets Team. I have experience supporting a wide range of asset owners to support them in achieving their long-term objectives these range from pension schemes and local authorities to insurers. I love the variety that comes from working with a wide range of clients and helping to solve their unique challenges.

Rushita Amin

Trainee Reporting Analyst

I joined Redington in August 2020 after graduating from university in BSc Mathematics. I wanted to build my career in a firm which not only has a fun and open culture but also embraces different personality types. Everyone is always willing to share their knowledge with you no matter how busy they are. It’s been great to be part of a company that allows you to continually challenge yourself !

Krishen Patel

Vice President

My experience in private practice means I can help the business act decisively on contractual matters which are important to our clients.

Karen Heaven

Managing Director

I am a lead investment consultant to a number of UK DB pension scheme / foundation clients. I joined Redington in 2011 after nearly 9 years in capital markets at an investment bank. I sit on Redington’s Investment Strategy Committee and I chair our Sales Committee. Outside of work, I’m part of a ferociously competitive pub quiz team. I also like to go jogging when I can.

Robert Gardner


I consider myself a financial activist, with a mission to make money a force for good for people and the planet and create ‘financial wellbeing in a world worth living in’.
This means financial education to empower and equip individuals with better money habits so they can grow their wealth, and leveraging the power and influence of their collective investments to create real change when it comes to the most important global crisis of our times, the climate and environment.

Christoforos Bikos

Senior Vice President

I am responsible for manager research and selection in liquid and semi-liquid corporate credit strategies. I also have oversight of the development of Redington’s Manager Research Database, ‘Morello’.
Prior to Redington, I spent three years in manager research at Towers Watson, and was previously a researcher at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Philip Rose


In my role as CIO, previous roles at Redington and in a 14-year career in capital market, I have played an instrumental part in envisioning and designing many of the approaches that we use to help our clients achieve their objectives.

David Bennett

Board Director

I joined Redington in 2010 as a senior investment consultant after a long career in the capital markets, including a period as Trustee and Investment Committee member of the Goldman Sachs UK Pension Fund. I advise a range of clients and help them with defining clearly articulated goals and objectives and then, as their funds evolve, with strategic asset allocation. I also chair our investment strategy committee which helps us bring innovation and proactivity to our clients in the context of their specific needs.

Jody Scowcroft


I have a passion for finding innovative and simple solutions to complex issues. This, coupled with my academic and professional background, has set me up with the expertise to help our clients.

Carolyn Schuster-Woldan

Managing Director

I have over twenty years of experience in the pensions industry, starting out as a pensions actuary before moving over to investment consulting in 2003. I joined Redington in April 2019, and currently advise clients ranging in size from 100m to £20bn on all elements of investment. I am a passionate advocate for increasing diversity in our industry.

Mark Ng


Picking apart complex investment concepts and distilling it into clear and understandable advice is both a challenging and enjoyable part of the job.

Kinza Drewett


I have over 10 years’ experience in the finance industry, helping clients with pensions & investment information. While I have now started a new career in development, I think this experience is still extremely valuable when developing quality software.

Anastasia Guha

Global Head of Sustainable Investment

I am a sustainable investment specialist with over 15 years’ experience, most recently with the United Nations supported Principles of Responsible Investment, where I led a team supporting 1400 investors to implement environmental, social and governance criteria into investment strategy, decisions and stewardship. At Redington, I am responsible for leading the firm’s global sustainability strategy, integrating this across different business channels, and expanding the organisation’s capabilities across new global markets and with a broader class of asset owners including endowments, foundations, and charities.

Natalie Beardwell

Senior Vice President

When someone asked me as a child what I’d like to be when I’m older, I can’t say “I’d like to work in the Pensions & Investments industry” was ever up there as an answer! Despite that, I’ve now worked in the industry for 10 years. I look after all things communications related at Redington and am passionate about putting people at the centre of everything we do.

Laura Bampfylde


I joined Redington’s Global Assets team in August 2021 to help clients across the Wealth market with their investment consulting and technology needs. Prior to joining Redington, I spent ten years working in the Wealth & Asset Management industry at J.P. Morgan Private Bank, HSBC Asset Management and Hargreaves Lansdown. I enjoy working with all types of Wealth clients, from platforms, wealth managers, and financial advisers to understanding their unique businesses and needs.

Luke Isaac


I joined Redington in 2019 after spending two years at a large asset management firm and since then have loved working with a firm with a clear mission and a clear culture of doing the right thing. I enjoy working collaboratively with my clients and I always strive to deliver the best possible client service.

Viane Frost

Business Manager

I have over 20 years of asset management experience; designing and communicating products for pension schemes and members across the world. I use this practical experience, and an obsession with data-driven decision making, to make sure that Redington has the frameworks and tools to manage its business and deliver the highest standard of client experience.

Katherine FitzGerald

Head of People

With a background in fast growth, mission driven businesses across the financial services and tech sectors I’m excited to be at Redington which bring this all together. It’s a privilege to be Head of People at Redington where our mission and values are central to the way everyone works and where our culture and our people sit at the centre of strategic decision making.

Jodi Kettle

Vice President

I have worked in software for 15 years in a variety of industries such as luxury e-commerce, advertising and even a platform to auction cows over the internet. I like the problem solving aspect of my job, everyday has a new problem to solve. I also enjoy looking at how we can iterate our process to improve how we all work together. I really enjoy the culture at redington especially of being yourself and continously growing skills both technical and soft life skills.

Stefano Zante


Inspired by passion for technology, I have been working for over 10 years on the software development for a number of companies in different sectors.
Surrounded by an extremely talented group of people, in Redington I find myself constantly learning and evolving while supporting the development of our platform.

Phil Symes

CFO, Board Director

I’m responsible for all the financial affairs of the Group. Redington is a very energising place to work with good people and a great culture. I’m glad I joined in Aug 2020 and really excited about the next few years.

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