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Regulated in the UK

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, therefore, we have systems and controls to comply with the FCA Handbook and Code of Conduct. Our legal and compliance team ensures we comply with all regulations including GDPR and equivalent UK legislation as well as any other applicable privacy legislation and the ISO27001 certification information security standard . Additionally, we are a QAS and an FSQS accredited firm.

Our legal team

As well as ensuring compliance, our team handles the day-to-day legal needs of our business, such as ensuring efficient contractual frameworks and processes, due diligence procedures and all of our agreements.


Our Legal and Compliance team not only ensures Redington complies with all FCA and any other regulatory requirements, they also create new processes as additional regulations come into force.


As required by the FCA, the Risk function, undertaken by the Legal and Compliance team, establishes, implements and maintains adequate risk management policies and procedures, including effective procedures for risk assessment, which identify the risks relating to our activities, processes and systems, and set the level of risk tolerated by us. Our Risk Governance includes a firmwide Risk Register, Risk Committee and at Group level, an Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee.

Information security

Our ISO27001 certification shows we have both technical excellence and a company culture that takes information security seriously.

Data protection and privacy

We do not believe we need to hold personally identifiable information in order to provide our services to clients, but we are very privacy-aware and follow GDPR and other relevant privacy laws.

Conflicts of Interest Policy Summary

Please click here to download a summary of our conflict of interest policy

Contact the Redington Legal and Compliance team

If you would like to contact the team, please send an email to: Legal@redington.co.uk for any Legal enquiries or Compliance-ISDP@redington.co.uk for any Compliance, Information Security or Data Protection enquiries.

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