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An open culture with a thirst for knowledge drives innovation

While there are strong moral and social arguments for being a genuinely diverse and inclusive business, we believe the rationale goes further than being just the “right thing to do”.

Teams drawn from a wide range of backgrounds bring a range of new points of view to tackle complex problems and create innovative solutions.

For us, diversity is not just about recruiting individuals from a minority represented group to meet a quota. It means recruiting people from genuinely different backgrounds, experiences and with a diverse range of skills, into an inclusive environment.

We believe this helps us serve our clients more effectively and gives us the edge on innovation.

It also helps us understand and engage with a much wider range of clients around the UK and beyond.

Commitment from the top

We work tirelessly to build an inclusive and diverse workplace—and we believe we serve our clients better because of it. We look to recruit from non-traditional sources, and are transparent about pay and promotion.

Getting recruitment right

We built our own Talent acquisition capability after frustration at the lack of diversity in the candidates provided by external agencies. This ensures we get more candidates from under-represented groups and can build the best teams in-house.

Transparency makes a difference

We’re focused on driving transparency and removing bias in all our people practices. We have voluntarily reported our gender pay gap since 2018 and are actively collecting data to help us improve.

Help where it’s needed

We can’t do this on our own. Among others, we work with Investment 20/20 and Leadership Through Sport & Business to find talented, diverse candidates at the early stages of their careers as well as with specialist vendors for help reaching experienced talent.

We’re not new to flexible working

Even before Covid-19, we facilitated flexible working because it helps attract and retain talented staff who can’t fit into the 9-to-5 office contraints. This helps us build brilliant, committed teams.

It’s good to talk

Inclusion and diversity are important issues for all firms. We’ve opened up our twice-yearly events to clients and competitors to share our failures as well as our successes so we can learn from each other.

Walking the walk with managers

We regularly speak with asset managers and other industry leaders regarding their goals and struggles for improving inclusion. We don’t have all the answers but if we work together as an industry we can get to them faster together.


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