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Redington 2022 Graduate Programme is now open

We’re now accepting applications for the 2022 Investment Consultancy programme


Application process

How do I apply?

All applications must be submitted online via our online application form. 

What does each stage involve?

Download our guide to learn more about each stage of the application process. If you require any adjustments or do not have access to technology, or the right setting to complete the online/virtual parts of the process, you can email our People team at and we’ll be happy to help.

When can I expect to hear back?

Once the deadline for applications closes on 31st October 2021, applications are reviewed by the People team, hiring managers and selected team members which can take some time. You can expect to hear back from us regarding next stage interviews by November/December.

When would I start?

Monday 5th September 2022 – typically the first Monday in September.

Psychometric testing

Why do we use psychometric testing?

As part of the application process, we will ask candidates to complete a psychometric test. We use psychometric tests as an objective quantifiable way of measuring how suitable someone is for the graduate programme and how capable they’d be doing it.

What should I expect?

Taking place online you’ll often be given a set time to answer questions that cover:

  • verbal reasoning – your ability to understand written information
  • numerical reasoning – how you think using numbers
  • abstract reasoning – your ability to understand patterns, logical rules or work with shapes

How to prepare for a psychometric test?

You do not have to revise before a psychometric test, though it helps to get some practice. This will give you a chance to:

  • get familiar with the types of questions you’re likely to be asked
  • overcome your nerves
  • work out how much time you’re likely to have on each question so you can pace yourself
  • learn tips to make sure you perform at your best

You can find free practice sets on sites like:

Training & development

What training do you offer graduates?

Practical on the job learning is supplemented with opportunities to be involved in knowledge sharing sessions and seminars, accompanied with the chance to complete and gain professional qualifications such as the CFA or FIA.

Study support is offered to those who join our graduate schemes. You are given time to study and will have course fees paid for you. 

Do you offer rotation to other teams?

Typically no, although all client facing teams work closely together.

Eligibility and visas

Is there a deadline?

Yes, all applications for the 2022 Graduate Programme must be submitted by 31st October 2021. We encourage candidates to apply as soon as possible. 

What are the academic requirements?

We are looking for graduates with a strong academic background. For those interested in the ALM programme this includes having a STEM degree (minimum 2:1) 

Do you only take applications from certain universities?

No. We are completely open to where you have studied.

Can I apply for a graduate position in the UK if I need a work permit?

Yes, we can help you with your work visa application process

I graduated a few years ago. Can I still apply?

Of course!

Ready to apply?

Build your career at Redington and help secure the financial future of over 100 million people.

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