A day in the life of a Redington intern


(Monday, Oct, 11, 2021)
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What does a typical weekday look like for a summer intern at Redington? Well, let us find out.

Meet Mamoun and Sanam two summer interns who joined us as Analysts after completing the 2021 summer internship programme. Each day of the internship can differ, but in this blog, Mamoun and Senam give us an insight into what a typical Monday working at Redington was like and provide some advice for students who want to join the internship programme.

7:15 am: Get up and get ready for the day ahead. The working attire is very relaxed, so there is no need for a shirt every day.

9:00 am Every Monday, we had a 15-minute call with our team, which usually consisted of approximately 10 people. These teams are called tribes. They discussed anything from updates in the market to client projects we were directly involved in.

9:30 am: We were quite proactive so scheduled as many catch-ups and introductions with people as we could. We would usually meet up to 4 new people a day. It was incredible to hear about other people’s career experiences and how they got to Redington.

10:00 am – 12:00 pm: We’d work on client projects and conduct additional research on topics we wanted to learn more about. A significant portion of this time was also spent asking our buddy questions about things we were unsure of. Everyone was always friendly and eager to assist.

1:00 pm: LUNCH 

2:00 pm – 4:00 pm: We used the afternoons to work on our internship project, this included video calls with our team members to discuss our project and ideas. We also had a shared document with our PowerPoint presentation, which we updated and modified as we learned and understood more about the subject.

5:00 pm: We rounded up the day by reflecting on what we had learnt. We found this reflection really valuable as it helped us understand industry terms and build a foundation of knowledge for whatever the next day would bring.

Looking back over the internship if we were to give advice to students joining the internship programme we would say:

  1. Be open to learning: As part of Redington’s summer internship, you will be introduced to a lot of new concepts through training sessions and teach-ins. Make sure you take notes but also try to understand as much information as possible by questioning what you read. Stay engaged and don’t get overwhelmed.
  2. Make an impact: Your main goal during this internship is to learn, deliver the internship project and attend the training sessions. We had the capacity and excitement to do so much more. Make sure you put your hand up WHENEVER you are free and submit your best work with every task. Adapt to the Redington style from day one and always be creative.
  3. Expand your social network: You will have a lot of free time in the first few weeks! Make sure you schedule catchups with people at the firm to increase exposure and build a stronger network. Reach out to people as and when you need them and take advantage of this incredible experience.

We can both proudly say we have had the most insightful, enjoyable and life-changing experience during our 6-week internship at Redington. We have loved the investment consulting world and can’t wait to get ourselves more involved.

Thank you to everyone that took out time to teach us and guide us. We are so thrilled to be able to make our mark towards achieving the Redington goal of helping 100 million people become financially secure, whilst also contributing towards climate change and uplifting our community.

If you can see yourself working here, just like Mamoun and Sanam, visit our internship page to learn more about the Redington Summer Internship Program.


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